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I have a blog, can I join DSN?
Yes, but we are very selective about who we let into the Doctored Sports Network. If we like your writing style, and you have a decent existing audience we will give you strong consideration for becoming a part of the network. If accepted, we will only require very few, if any, changes to your blog setup to fit in with our network.

I want my own ‘Doctored Blog’, is this possible?
Yes, and we will even design and host it for you for free, so all you have to do is write, edit, publish and build your social network community. We are only interested in sports bloggers who are very passionate about blogging and their favorite sport/team.

How do DSN blogs or writers make money?
All of our blogs generate revenue from various forms of advertising. The most common of which are CPM banner advertising, but more and more video ads, sponsored content, and programmatic tie-ins are rounding out revenue opportunities for site editors. The DSN owned and managed sites also pay our freelance writers a flat rate per article provided you are accepted for this type of position. Often these roles are reserved for experienced writers who have the time to contribute at a regular frequency throughout the week.

The DSN owned sites are all part of the Complex Media Network and therefore receive much higher CPMs than most independant sports blogs have access to.

What other benefits do I get from joining DSN?

Our network blogs also receive: access to our team’s extensive experience in social media marketing to drive traffic and readership, network promotions, inter-network traffic exchanges, newsletter features and promotions, access to professional web designers, developers, marketers, and much much more.

If you want to be considered to join the Doctored Sports Network, please email us at

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